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Unique Employer Benefits Solutions

We utilizes new and unique methods to identify the best healthcare solutions for each individual employee while reducing costs at the same time.

  • No More Annual Renewals and Crazy Rate Increases

  • We Keep Your Organization Compliant with the Ever Changing Health Care Laws.

  • Reduce Administrative Burden

  • Multiple Plan Choices to Fit Each Employee's Exact Needs

  • A Personal Advisor gets Assigned to Each Employee to Ensure the Best Options & Plan Selections

  • Eliminate COBRA Administration

  • Enhance your recruitment and retention.

  • 97% Satisfaction Rating from Current Employees on our system.

Innovative Benefit Alternatives

The world of Group Health insurance is a complicated place. By combining technology with experienced advisors we help employers and employees identify best options. We can explore:

  • The Managed Individual Solution

  • ICHRA Solution (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Agreement)

  • QSEHRA Solution (Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Agreement)

  • Indiana/Indy Chamber Health Alliance Plans

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Our Process

Current Benefit Review

Our experienced professionals will analyze your existing plan and details. Using technology to analyze it, we get deeper insights into the best solutions for your organization.

Evaluating Costs

RH+ software helps us to evaluate costs for both the employers and their employees. Identifying areas where savings are possible with industry compliant plans.

Contribution Methods

We explore your current contributions, industry options available and identify the most cost efficient way forward.

Compare Your Options

Once we've completed a thorough analysis of your current benefits and costs, we'll help you compare the best solutions for your organization's needs.

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